The Birth of Delano Designs Home

Delano Designs is a mother daughter operation.

 Alison Kelly, the mom is the Owner, Creator, and Designer She learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine in grade school, and hasn't  looked back since, though her machine has gotten a little more sophisticated! Most of her early sewing years were spent making clothes for herself, family, and friends. Later, she began to sew items for her home - and fell in love with how a new fabric on a pillow, sofa, or draping the windows can completely change the feel of a room! She became an interior designer so she could have the opportunity to design to her hearts content, explore a variety of styles and looks, and help provide people with not just beautiful spaces, but healthy ones as well. However, after her first grandchild was born, she began looking into the world of organic crib bedding, and discovered that nothing out there really inspired her - that's when mother and daughter delved into the world of bedding, clothing, and more! Now she can really indulge her love of fabric and sewing, and work with her daughter! What could be better??

And daughter Andrea Smyth is the Assistant, Creator, and Marketer. with the birth of her son in 2015 found a new aspect of herself was born, and she is called "Mom".  Jumping headfirst into this new world of Motherhood has not only helped her focus on what is truly important to her, it has also ignited her passion for thinking about the needs of other moms and babies around the world. This new thought process is now being put to use, and is reflected in the additional items that we are and will continue to be adding to Delano Designs' product line - including comfortable organic clothes for nursing mothers, and adorable organic clothing for our little ones.

For more information about why we choose organic fabrics and for some answers to frequently asked questions, and for additional updates and information please check out our blog:<br />

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